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    Meet Addiblast

    Born out of more than half a century of experience in the field of surface treatment, Addiblast is FerroECOBlast’s new brand dedicated specifically to the world of additive manufacturing.

    About us...

    The machines

    We cover post-processing in its’ entirety, offering both solutions for industrial users and small 3D printing labs and professionals.



    Whether for support removal, surface smoothing, or roughening, abrasive blasting can help you give your prints that perfect finish.


    Remove powder residues from the most difficult geometries with our automated and manual ex-proof cabinets.


    Metal powder can get expensive. With our powder recycling systems, you can be sure your recycled powder is pristine!


    Gyroscopic depowdering, inert atmospheres, Wi-fi connectivity are only a few of the advanced features of our solutions!

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