This month’s issue of the MFN Metal Finishing News features our interview about how Addiblast is playing an important role in revolutionizing the Additive Manufacturing industry!

Our interview with Mojca Črtalič Andolšek and Benjamin Hlebec covers a variety of topics, including launching our brand name, our current achievements, and more!

You can read the full article in the July 2022 issue of MFN or by clicking on the link below!

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Check our cover article in MFN magazine, where you can learn more of post-processing solutions as an innovative response to the challenges of Additive manufacturing.

The article is available in the MFN Metal Finishing News magazine and the link below.

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We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at Rapid + TCT, from May 17-19, 2022.

We hope you enjoyed your stay at our stand, where you were able to witness first-hand our fully automated depowdering machine for metal 3D printed parts, MARS03. Can’t wait to see you again at the next one!

If you have any additional questions or would want to provide feedback, please email our expert Benjamin Hlebec at – The future of additive manufacturing post-processing is waiting for you!

Addiblast – An innovative response to the global challenges of additive manufacturing technology by

A unique solution that combines 3 key post-processing steps within the same product line: de-powdering, powder recovery & conditioning, and surface treatment of 3D printed parts.

FerroECOBlast has premiered the most advanced post-processing solutions for additive manufacturing technologies at the Formnext Connect fair last November. A user-friendly, ergonomically designed line with an aesthetic design based on the increasingly important connectivity of the systems, which users can access not only through computers but also via smartphones or tablets, creates time and material savings.

The extraordinary growth of the additive industry presents new guidelines and requirements in the field of surface treatment of unconventional structures and materials. The Addiblast smart solution series is the latest user-friendly line of machines from FerroECOBlast, which, with over 55 years of tradition, continuous development and excellence, is an indispensable partner in the field of surface treatment for various industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive, foundry…

The new machines are specifically designed for additional processing (so-called post-processing) in the additive industry, better known as 3D printing. The family of ­­new machines follows industry 4.0 guidelines and includes state-of-the-art automated solutions of key processes for more efficient de-powdering of pieces, recycling of excess powder and surface treatment of 3D printed products, regardless of the material used. The goal is to achieve the immediate usefulness of 3D printed pieces in practice.