Meet ADDIBLAST at FORMNEXT 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany!

Meet ADDIBLAST at FORMNEXT 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany!

Addiblast® by FerroECOBlast® Europe will be displaying the most advanced post-processing solutions in the additive manufacturing industry at Formnext 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany, from November 15 – 18, 2022 and visit our booth at Hall 11, Stand D28.  The complete product line combines three key post-processing solutions: de-powdering, powder recovery & conditioning and surface treatment of 3D-printed parts.

With our new application, you are able to monitor the machines live from anywhere! Come and get firsthand experience with:

  • BAM03 - Ergonomic and user firendly manual blasting cabinet suitable for surface treatment of different parts and materials. 
  • MARS01 - Manual depowdering machine for cleaning and removing supports from the 3D printed parts. 
  • MARS03 - Fully automated depowdering machine for metal 3D printed parts.

If you'd like to book a meeting with our experts, please contact Mr. Simon Berkopec to schedule a slot.

Thanks for stopping by Formnext 2022!
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